Back to School? Christian Formation

Back to School? Christian Formation

Beginning on Sunday, Sept. 9, you’re invited to join The Upper Room (ages K-12) or the Adult Forum during GHTC’s Christian Formation hour. Held between 10:00-10:45 a.m., children, youth and adults will enjoy Christian fellowship for the spiritual journey each Sunday.

The Upper Room (Room 6) begins with a gathering of all ages featuring music, prayer, and the Scriptural theme for the day. Age-appropriate groups break out for crafts, conversation and education for the remainder of the time.

The Adult Forum (downstairs classroom across from the Parish Hall) focuses on timely topics to help Christians live their faith. Several topics are on schedule this fall, from specific Bible studies to understanding Episcopal faith and traditions.

On the second Sunday of each month, GHTC will feature a Family Focus Forum. Designed for parents with children in the home and those engaged in the lives of children and youth, the Family Focus Forum (FFF or F3) provides a unique blend of education and trends affecting Christian parents.

To help your Sunday routine, GHTC is combining the first Family Focus Forum with the Adult Forum on Sept. 9. Mark your calendar to hear Dr. Lara Wulff discuss the latest on Christian formation. This combined forum will be of interest to the entire parish—those with children in the home and those who care about our children at GHTC—which is everyone!

We look forward to seeing you on Sundays this fall as Christians of all ages build character and connect with one another.