Posted: Feb. 22, 2021

BioLogos: Answering Questions on Faith and Science

biologosHave you or anyone in your family ever had questions about the way our Christian faith relates to the sciences? For example, in the United States some Christians have thought evolutionary theory to be fundamentally incompatible with the teachings of Scripture and even pressed to have the teaching of human evolution banned in public schools (e.g. the famous Tennessee v. Scopes trial in 1925). But is our faith so radically challenged by contemporary science as these sorts of reactions would imply? I don’t think so, and neither do the scholars at BioLogos.

Founded in 2007 by Francis Collins, current Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), BioLogos brings together the work of leading scientific and theological researchers to produce a wide variety of resources for helping “the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith.” From brief FAQs and in-depth articles, to informative podcasts and videos, to books and other media for parents, pastors, and all sorts of educators, BioLogos offers near countless resources for those seeking to understand the relationship of Christian faith to the sciences across numerous topics.

You can explore all of what BioLogos has to offer here, but below are a few specific offerings you might like to start with:

Common Questions

“After writing his book, The Language of God, Francis Collins began receiving letters from people asking further questions about science and faith—and the idea was to develop a website to house resources for this conversation. Today, we still address the many questions people ask on science and biblical faith.”

BioLogos Basics Videos

“For people new to the Christianity and evolution discussion, we’ve recognized that there needs to be an easier way to wade into the sometimes treacherous waters. So we’ve embarked on a project of creating a series of short, snappy videos that will introduce a topic and then provide links to further resources on our site that are appropriate next steps.”

Language of God Podcast

“Public discourse has become more polarized than ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking political parties, or culture wars, or science and religion. There are two extreme sides, both claiming the other is completely wrong and misguided. Extreme rhetoric fires up its base, but does little to persuade others. And it has become exhausting. At BioLogos, we think there is a better way. A way of dialoguing graciously with others. A way of respecting the insights of both sides. A way of living within the tensions. Join us for conversations about finding the harmony between science and Christian faith.”

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