Caring for One Another

The Clergy Team

The Clergy Team

The clergy review the expressed pastoral needs of GHTC members regularly and respond personally and by contacting pastoral care teams in the parish.  Our clergy respond to crises as they arise, such as hospitalizations, deaths or relationship difficulties. They also prepares couples for marriage through a series of counseling sessions which use the Prepare/Enrich Pre-marital Inventory.

Times to Contact the Clergy

When you go into the hospital or desire pastoral care please do not rely on the “grapevine” to let the clergy know. Contact a member of the clergy directly so that they can be sure to be in touch. You can get up to date contact information by calling 804-359-5628 ext. 17.

Other times to contact the clergy include: when you are having relationship or marital problems, when you are having trouble discerning God’s will, when you want to talk about your prayer life, when you are contemplating a major life change (marriage, a move, retirement), when a baby is born, when you have good news to share or when you would just like to talk.