Posted: April 22, 2020

Community Parish Profile Completed

News from the Discernment Committee

We’re moving forward! This week the Discernment Committee completed the community parish profile. The profile, in addition to our website, presents candidates with information about Grace and Holy for their review, in a question and answer format. The questions are defined by the Diocese so every church presents the same information.

The next step is to have the Vestry and the Diocese approve the profile, then it is posted in a database that all priests may access. The completion of this important information moves us closer to the point when we will start receiving candidates … which now looks like it can be mid to late May.

Pem Hall, chair of the committee, says, “We are excited to move from the Planning and Self-Study phase to the Searching phase. That phase is a quiet phase, as we are not permitted to discuss our progress. That said, we continue to hear that many of you know individuals you think may be good candidates. Once the profile is posted, encourage those priests you think may be suitable to look at our profile.”

If you have questions or comments for the Discernment Committee, you can contact them through their confidential email, Please keep them in your prayers!

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