Stock Gifts

Give a gift of stock or a gift from your IRA

Gifts of stock may arrive at the church’s brokerage account anonymously, so please notify Barb Dodd or Judy Bowman of your intent to make a stock gift. Contact your brokerage firm and request that the stock be transferred to Grace and Holy Trinity Church’s brokerage account. Download this form with the information you need. When your stock donation is received into our account, we will mail an acknowledgement to you. The donation value of your gift is determined by your basis in the stock as well as the date and market value. All donated securities are sold immediately upon receipt.

Many individuals over age 70 who own an Individual Retirement Account choose to make gifts directly to charity from their IRA. These gifts are not included in your taxable income and will qualify for your required minimum distribution. Contact your tax advisor for more details. 

Gifts of Securities

The church’s brokerage information is available on this form.