Posted: May 3, 2021

I Wonder: A Tool for Scripture and Difficult Questions

Have your kids ever had a question about Scripture you didn’t quite know how to address? Kids can be amazingly curious, but sometimes they can ask about things that make us scratch our own heads. Moreover, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help in answering these sorts of questions what with all the Bible translations available for adults, not to mention the variety of children’s Bibles on offer (though we do have a brief guide to study Bibles for kids and adults available on this blog), and other products vying for our attention here.

Enter Elizabeth Caldwell’s I Wonder: Engaging a Child’s Curiosity about the Bible. Caldwell served for years as a Presbyterian minister in the Chicago area where she also taught at McCormick Theological Seminary as the Harold Blake Walker Professor of Pastoral Theology. Now teaching religious education at Vanderbilt, Caldwell wrote I Wonder as an accessible book intended to help readers like you better understand Scripture for yourself and help their kids engage the Bible more deeply too.

Give I Wonder a look and consider picking up a copy from your preferred book retailer or from the publisher (who has the following to say about it). It will be a great addition to your toolkit as the chief Christian educator in your child’s life.

“How can anyone completely answer the difficult questions that children ask: Who created God? Will there be another flood? Is the Bible true? But then, we adults have questions too: With so many options and Bible translations, where can I go for help? What is the best Bible for my child? How do we talk about miracle stories, healing stories, and the creation stories? What about violence? When kids ask about the relevancy of the Bible for today, what do we say?

How we read and interpret the Bible with children may mean the difference between whether or not it will continue to be an important source for their faith development as they become young adults.

Written by an expert in children’s ministry, I Wonder is a resource for adults who want to explore ways to help children read, engage, wrestle, and grow into deeper understanding of the Bible. It is for those who come to the Bible with souls open to be fed and who want their children to seek faith and wisdom. It will also help readers address timeless questions and issues including recent biblical scholarship, literary analysis, reading the Bible from their social location and reading the Bible in a multi-faith world.”

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