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Evangelism is from the Greek word “evangelia.”

  •  “ev” means well.
  •  “angelia” means tidings.

Evangelism means “good news” or “good tidings.”

gardeningThe word evangelism has ‘angel’ in the middle of it. In the Bible, angels were God’s messengers. Angels don’t have to stand on street-corners. They can be quiet …

  • greeting a visitor in church,
  • saying ‘good morning’ to someone you pass on the street,
  • holding the hand of a friend,
  • writing a note to someone who is having a difficult time …

Who will you be an angel to today?

Spreading the Good News

Evangelism is, simply, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others. The Great Commission in Matthew’s Gospel (28:19-20) commands us to go into the world with this good news:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

At Grace and Holy Trinity, you can help us share the good news in three ways:

breakfastInvite …

your neighbors and co-workers to join us for worship or at other parish events. At least half of our Sunday visitors are here because someone invited them and brought them to church. Some of our best evangelist’s are children and youth so please encourage all the members of your family to invite friends to GHTC.

Many people are more open to a first time visit to a church event rather than a worship service. It is may feel less intimidating. Invite your friends and colleagues to a parish dinner or breakfast, the ping-pong tournament or other event.

Welcome …

all those visiting with us. At all events, and especially Sunday worship, please speak to those you don’t know, invite them to join you at the breakfast table and introduce them to others. Wearing your name tag is also a sign of welcome — it removes the burden of remembering names especially for those who are new members.

Incorporate …

newcomers and guests into our activities and worship. Ask visitors and new members to attend a Sunday class with you, or sit with you at worship. You can also tell them about programs that you’re involved in and what that involvement means to you.

Be involved in our Evangelism Ministries.

Sunday Greeters welcome people to our worship services, help them find them way around the building and meet others. Greeters usually serve one Sunday every two months.

Deliver a “thank you for visiting us” bag. These are hand-delivered to our visitors the week after they have visited.

Visit new members and visitors. This can be as simple as meeting someone for coffee (and taking them a GHTC coffee mug), inviting them to dinner or visiting them in their home.

Help with communications. Help us maintain our social media sites and design publications.