Participate & Give

Give and support our mission!

The easiest and fastest way to give and support our mission is to use our Online Giving page.  You can also use our giving kiosk, named Gracie, which is in the parish hall.  Using your bank’s e-payment services you can set up easy recurring payments using your debit or credit card. Your gift supports our work in Richmond, within this church community, and around the world.   Thank you!

You can make a financial gift at any time to one of our ministries.  We ask that your first level of support be to the general fund so that all our programs receive support, but we welcome additional gifts to special programs such as Service Ministry, Music, Christian Education, Worship or the Rector’s Discretionary Fund.  For more information contact Judy Bowman.

Why We Give

Generosity is a way of life.  We give of our time, talents and financial resources in gratitude for all that God has given to us.  Being generous changes us – our generosity turns around and blesses us. When we give, we receive. By our generosity, we move toward a closer personal relationship with God and others.

Grace and Holy Trinity Church has a rich history of generosity and care for the parish, the community, and beyond.  Your financial gifts and personal time and talents are crucial to our continuing to build this generous community of faith.

“We support Grace & Holy Trinity with a financial pledge, as well as our time and talents, because our hearts guide us to support those things that we think are important to our community. We live and work in Richmond, and we see the needs here and the difference that GHTC makes in so many lives. We hope that you will join us in increasing your pledge.” Alan & Cathy Saunders

“Thank you” for your generosity20160424_114556

George Thomas has been a Campus Ministry student here for 8 ½ years, first as a VCU undergraduate then throughout medical school. As he leaves Richmond to begin his residency training at the University of Maryland, he publicly thanked this congregation for their support throughout his student years.  You’ll love watching this video of his testimonial to the generosity of this congregation.

What difference does your support make?

  • celebrate-with-musicOur Red Door Ministries feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, provide clothes and medications to those in need.  Additionally we share Christmas presents with families in need, offer eye and dental clinics in Belize, knit prayer shawls for the grieving; give baby blankets to our little ones, build chapels and playgrounds at schools in Richmond, and send youth and college students on mission trips both here and abroad.
  • We’re an education center. We teach and learn through classes, small groups, forums, book studies, women’s groups and retreats. We teach and learn in age-graded classes on Sundays and in online and inter-age activities.
  • We’re a symphony. We offer glorious music every Sunday as we gather for worship, host the Greater Richmond Children’s Choir and celebrate with concerts throughout the year.
  • We’re a community. We have picnics, barbeques, receptions, parties, retreats and “The Best Breakfast in Richmond.” We pray for one another, send cards, visit, and share life’s joys and challenges.
  • We’re a generous people of faith. What we do together transforms lives in this church, in Richmond, and beyond.
  • We’re a church. That is the core of who we are. Through weekly worship, fed by Word and Sacrament, we are sent out into the world to share God’s love wherever we are and in all that we do.


We recognize that all we have is a gift from God. We give of our time, our talents, and our treasure — everything we have — in thanksgiving for all that has been given to us. We acknowledge that we are stewards of these abundant gifts.