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Annual Generosity Campaign

 2018 Annual Generosity Campaign: Release the Energy

When a rock sits on the edge of a cliff, it has only potential energy, because it is not yet moving.  When it goes over the edge, its kinetic energy is enormous.

Grace and Holy Trinity Church is full of kinetic energy in our worship, our programs, and our service.  You can see it, you share stories of it, and you participate in it. Inspired by this church’s strong core values of seeking, serving, and caring, we work toward our own spiritual growth, more faithful lives, and participation in our community.

Our city is also rich in energy and potential, but its needs are overwhelming. Too many people are still left behind and left out, and the need to listen to each other in love is great. When we work together, this church has the potential to release so much energy, and to make a difference in our lives and those in need.

So, come to worship on Sunday mornings. Anchor your weeks in the Word of God, in prayer and sacraments, in fellowship, and learning.  Contribute your time and talents to the spread of God’s kingdom through our work here, with other organizations throughout the city, and beyond.  Support the work of this church through your financial giving.

Jesus said “YOU are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.” With our gifts of time, toil, ideas, and money, we will turn our potential energy to kinetic energy.

We can’t do it without you.

Annual Campaign Pledge Form

You can fill out the online Generosity Commitment Form or download (PDF) our 2018 pledge card. (Print and mail to Judy Bowman in the Church Office, 8 N. Laurel St. Richmond VA 23220)

Proportionate Giving

There are lots of ways to think about giving, and there are materials below that can help guide you.  Some questions we all might consider include, “Does my giving reflect my values and faith?  Does my generosity reflect God’s goodness toward me?”  One way that has been meaningful to us over the years is “proportionate giving.”  It is a helpful exercise to determine how much we spend, on what, and what percentage of our income we give away.  Giving ten percent away is the Biblical challenge. We hope you’ll also join us in making a financial commitment, or pledge, for 2017.  This is an important spiritual discipline that helps you plan how you will spend your money.  Whatever level you determine, we hope you will join us in giving generously in thanksgiving for God’s bounty and that you will make GHTC a top priority.  Thank you!

This Percentage Giving Chart can help you calculate your proportionate giving. These Frequently Asked Questions can also be of help to you.


Your Generosity Makes a Difference

George Thomas was a V.C.U. and M.C.V. campus ministry student here for 8 ½ years. Listen to the difference that this church community made in his life.

Payment Options

  • Pay online from our website using your credit or debit card, or by setting up recurring fund transfers from your bank.
  • Automatic Bank Transfer that you set up from your bank’s online payments site.
  • Cash or check in the Sunday offering plate. (In order to receive tax credit for your gift, you must use a check or place your cash in an envelope with your name on it.)
  • An appreciated stock transfer.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact Judy Bowman in the church office.

Year-Round Financial Giving

You can make a financial gift at any time to our general fund or one of our ministries by visiting our our “Online Giving and Payments” page.  We ask that your first level of support be to the general fund so that all our programs receive support, but we welcome additional gifts to special programs such as Service Ministry, Music, Christian Education, Worship, or the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. For more information contact Carolyn Chilton or Judy Bowman.

Your financial support is crucial to our continuing to transform lives – yours, your family and friends, and those outside our doors.  As the weather turns colder, your support helps us to feed, clothe and house the homeless.  Do you enjoy being a member of the choir and hearing our beautiful music?  Your support  helps us provide resources to make our music program possible.  Do your children or grand-children participate in our children and youth events?  Your support makes this possible!


How is my financial gift used?

We are an inclusive, spirited and Christ-centered urban church that transforms lives. In 2017 we will build on existing ministries, and begin new ones.  

Did you know:

  • 800 plus pastoral visits, meals, cards, prayer shawls, baby blankets, random acts of kindness, and home communions were givem to this church community.
  • 4,500 people were fed at our Friday Red Door Soup Kitchen
  • $20,000 supported assistance for our prescription program.
  • 90 plus people are in our choirs and music teams.
  • 600 children received dental and vision care in Belize.
  • 100 plus children and teens are involved in our programs.
  • $75,000 is given to grants to assist Richmond area organizations in their work.

Why should I support Grace and Holy Trinity?

Generosity is a way of life. It is a core value in our own lives and in the life of a church. When generosity is our way of life, our mind-set, we learn to see the world through gospel eyes, we learn to love our neighbors as ourselves.  It is a recognition of God’s own generosity. It is a response of thankfulness, and of letting go of our own fears of not having enough, and letting in the freedom that comes with sharing and generosity. The funny thing about generosity is that it turns around and blesses us.
Dorcas Window

How can I encourage generosity in children?

Generosity is one of the most important values parents can model for children and teenagers. In a culture where we are saturated with messages of consumption, violence, and individuality at the expense of others’ well-being, we bear a particular responsibility to teach and model generosity.

Children learn by watching adults. What kinds of actions will children notice? Parents should make a financial commitment (pledge) to the church, and talk to their children about why they do it. The amount of the commitment is not as important as the act of giving. Children should see parents and other adults put money in the Sunday offering plate, and be given the opportunity to do that themselves. Children should see parents volunteer their time and talents to the church and other service organizations. Children should be included in volunteering their time and talents in meaningful ways.

How can I give time and talents?

These gifts are vital to our mission. Read through the 2017 A-Z Guide to Programs (PDF) for more information and contact information. You can contact any member of the staff for more information.

For more information please contact Carolyn Chilton, Judy Bowman or the Rev. Bo Millner.