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Annual generosity campaign

2020 Campaign

Church is more than Sunday worship, prayer, choirs and pastoral care. Grace and Holy Trinity’s continuing presence is made possible by people who make an annual financial pledge.

These sustaining gifts are critical to the Church’s commitment to the parish, the community, and the world. Proportional giving (such as a Biblical 10% tithe) is a personal choice. But every gift – large and small – helps. Please pray about your commitment.

How can I encourage generosity in children?

Our modern culture is saturated with messages of consumption, violence, and individuality at the expense of others. Children learn by watching adults; we’re all responsible for modeling generosity. Let children see you put your offering in the plate on Sunday. Let them do it, too. Let children see you volunteer for the church, and let them help!

See the 2019 GHTC A to Z Program Guide (PDF) for details on how you and your children can offer your time and talents to our church.

Make your Annual Pledge!

Take two minutes to complete two steps. Your pledge helps the Vestry plan for the year.

Step 1 – Send us a pledge commitment

The Online Pledge form is emailed to us. Or, fill out the PDF Pledge card and return it to Judy Bowman.

Step 2 – Make your donation by check, electronic transfer, credit/debit card, or gift of securities.


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