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Annual Generosity Campaign

 2019 Annual Generosity Campaign

Grace and Holy Trinity Church’s continuing presence and ministry is made possible primarily by people who make an annual financial commitment. These sustaining gifts are critical to the Church’s strong core work in the parish, the community, and the broader world around us.

Pledges make our worship services, outreach programs, and ministries possible. Every gift–large and small–counts. Every person’s gifts are needed. Your support helps us make a difference–to those who visit the Red Door weekly for lunch, to families moving out of poverty through CirclesRVA, to children in Belize, to children and adults in Sunday School and worship and service, to college students exploring faith and work, to those who enjoy music and our choirs, and more.

Why We Give

We all worry about money, although the Bible teaches us not to worry about our earthly lives. Making an intentional pledge, where you are giving back to God in thanks, is a way to demonstrate your gratitude for God’s many gifts and it’s also a tried and true form of spiritual discipline. Where your treasure is, your heart will be also. Proportional giving (such as a Biblical ten percent tithe) is a personal choice, so please pray about your commitment.

Support our Work to Make a Difference in Richmond

Working Together in Love

Grace and Holy Trinity Church has strong core values of seeking, serving, and caring. Beginning with our own community, we can transform lives through our inclusive, spirited and Christ-centered urban congregation.

Church is more than worship on Sunday mornings. More than prayer and sacraments. More than fellowship and learning. More than speakers, workshops, concerts. More than countless acts of pastoral care. As you contribute your time and talents to the spread of God’s kingdom, we ask you to support this church through your financial giving.

Whatever the amount of your financial commitment, we hope you will join us in giving generously in thanksgiving for God’s bounty. Thank you for supporting this parish on your spiritual journey!

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How can I encourage generosity in children?

Generosity is one of the most important values parents can model for children and teenagers. In a culture where we are saturated with messages of consumption, violence, and individuality at the expense of others’ well-being, we bear a particular responsibility to teach and model generosity.

Children learn by watching adults. What kinds of actions will children notice? Children notice when parents make a financial commitment (pledge) to the church, and talk to their children about why they do it. The amount of the commitment is not as important as the act of giving. Children who see parents and other adults put money in the Sunday offering plate, and get to do that themselves, learn that we can help others by working together with our parish family. Children who parents volunteer their time and talents to the church and other service organizations–especially if they have a chance to participate–are more likely to volunteer when they grow up.

How can I give time and talents?

These gifts are vital to our mission. Read through the 2018 GHTC from A to Z (PDF) for more information and contact information. You can contact any member of the staff for more information.