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Online Generosity Commitment Form

We are an inclusive and spirited urban church community thanks to YOU. We seek, share, and care thanks to YOU. Your support makes a difference, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

In gratitude for God’s generosity in our lives, we respond, by offering our time, talent and financial support. Here at GHTC we ask that you give us an indication of your intended financial support by filling out this card. It helps the church plan for the upcoming year, and for programs that will reach into the future. Sometimes people need to make adjustments later in the year. Simply let us know if that should be the case for you. Please know that at whatever level you give you are making a difference. It is by giving together that our gifts turn into great abundance for others and spiritual growth for ourselves.

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These are the ways you can pay your pledge:

  • Cash or check in the offering plate (To receive a tax-deductible credit, cash must be placed in an envelope with your name on it. Checks should be made out to Grace & Holy Trinity Church.)
  • Pay through GHTC’s Online Giving Page using your credit or debit card or setting up recurring payments through your bank
  • Use Gracie our giving kiosk located in the Parish Hall.
  • Automatic bank transfer through your bank
  • An appreciated stock transfer (Contact Judy Bowman for more information.)

If you chose the online giving site as your payment method, you may visit it now to set up your account and payments.

If you have any questions please contact Judy Bowman in the church office, 804-359-5628.