Planned Giving

Giving shapes the future of GHTC

We respond to God’s call in a variety of ways throughout our lives. Through planned giving, we can continue this support for future generations. Legacy gift options include:

  • outright lifetime gifts of cash, securities or other valuables.
  • charitable gift annuities.
  • charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts.
  • life insurance policies (by naming the church a beneficiary).
  • retirement plan benefits and IRAs.

For giving through your estate plan, contact Barb Dodd about the Legacy Society. Some established funds exist that may suit your individual vision:

The Twenty-First Century Fund

An anonymous gift in 2006 established this fund for the support of ongoing ministries and church operations. The Vestry controls and allocates the Fund, and must use no more than 5% of its value in any calendar year. The Trustees of the Endowment manage the asset.

Grace and Holy Trinity Church

A gift naming GHTC as the recipient with no restrictions is used at the discretion of the Vestry. Traditionally these gifts are put toward major repairs and the work of the parish.

The Grace and Holy Trinity Endowment Fund, Inc.

This fund was incorporated in 1947 for such uses as the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund may determine, including preservation and improvement of church property, support of church operations, and benevolent or charitable purposes. Please contact Barb Dodd or the clergy for more information.

End of Life Resources

Planning for the end our lives is an act of love that spares our families difficult decisions; it also leaves a statement about what is important to you. Consider these documents to help you start the conversation:

The Columbarium at Grace and Holy Trinity Church

Christian tradition has looked upon burial as the final act of faith, a witness to one’s belief in the resurrection of the body and everlasting life. In recent years, cremation with committal of cremated remains, rather than body burial, has become more common. Grace and Holy Trinity Church has a columbarium for the committal of ashes. To learn more, review Columbarium Documents part 1 and Columbarium Documents part 2.

Leaving a legacy

When my oldest son was a toddler, my parents kept him for a weekend so that my husband and I could go away alone together. We all had a ball. My husband, Geoff, and I were already planning our next get-away when my mom laid down some ground rules.

“We can’t wait to keep the baby again,” she said, “but we won’t keep him again until you two have made your wills. You need to specify who will take care of him if something should happen to the two of you.”

But that wasn’t all.

“You also need to create a legacy that tells your child something about you,” she said. “Write out your most treasured beliefs or make bequests to your church and other charities that show him what matters to you.”

Because we were so anxious to secure week-end babysitting, we did make wills in our early thirties. Since then I’ve taken Mom’s advice to heart. I’ve updated my plans as life changed, but I’ve always included a percentage of my estate for my church and a few favorite charities.

Grace and Holy Trinity Church is an important part of my life. I hope you will join me in including GHTC in your estate plans. You can express your love and gratitude to God for this Christian community, show your loved ones what matters to you, and create a legacy of love far into the future. Remembering Grace and Holy Trinity Church in your estate plans is easy.

~ Nancy Trego