ReGarding Easter

ReGarding Easter

Lent: 40 days of penitence. 

Easter: One day of celebration.

That hardly seems right.

Actually, the Easter season, also known as Eastertide, extends for 50 days, beginning on Easter Sunday and ending on Pentecost (June 9). This year, Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church is continuing the celebration of Christ’s resurrection with a six-part sermon series with lunch. We’re calling it ReGarding Easter, and we’ll be exploring the themes recreate, reprise, redeem, rejoice, repair and renew with sermons by guest preachers Dr. Melissa Jackson and Dr. Mark Biddle. We hope you’ll join us for this time of respite and refreshment. 

The series occurs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two weeks. Worship begins at noon with a hymn and prayer, followed by a sermon and ending with a hymn. Lunch ($10) is available in the Parish Hall at 12:30 p.m. or to go if you are tight on time. Parking is available along perimeter of Monroe Park or in the VCU Main St. deck. Invite a friend to come and continue the celebration!