Posted: Oct 19, 2020

Study Bibles for Kids and Youth: An Introduction

The importance of studying the Bible runs throughout our lives and so study Bibles are not just for adults. If you have not read our brief piece on study Bibles for adults, you may want to start there. We know that the Bible is not just one book, but many books from many authors and many times and places. This might make the Bible seem intimidating or unapproachable, but the Bible is God’s word to us, even today, and so there are great translations available which bring the text into modern English and study Bibles which add enlightening commentary and notes to clarify what is going on in the passages we read.

Study Bibles are available for kids (elementary school aged) and youth (middle/high school aged) too with special resources for folks their ages. Their commentary and notes are written by scholars and other educators to address the needs of their audiences specifically. Additionally, kids and youth study Bibles typically include extra tidbits like full color maps, helpful diagrams, and other elements to help your child dive into the world of Scripture. Below are two study recommended study Bibles, one for kids and one for youth. If you would like help picking out a study Bible for yourself or your children just ask Aaron Davis, but these two options are great ones to get you started.

Common English Bible (CEB) Deep Blue Kids Bible, $36.99
From the publisher: “Kids will dive deep into God’s word with the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible. This engaging, interactive Bible offers four-color icons and illustrations throughout with a wealth of notes, devotionals, Bible trivia, and other interactive elements to capture inquisitive young minds. Plus the CEB Deep Blue Kids Bible will encourage a thirst for God’s timeless message as young readers join three life-like kids in discovering the Bible and what it means to their lives.”

The Guidebook: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) Student Bible, $32.99
From the publisher:The Guidebook: The NRSV Student Bible is packed with relevant features to address the real questions you have, honestly and head-on. Whether you’re searching for answers, a follower of Jesus, or somewhere in between, this Bible will help you find your place in the story of God— a story that changes everything. Many teen Bibles distract readers with superficial content and spoon-fed answers, but The Guidebook: The NRSV Student Bible engages students who want to know what’s really in the Bible and how to live it out. Edited specifically for mainline and progressive evangelical churches, The Guidebook has the potential to inspire a new generation of leaders.”

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