Posted: Jan. 8, 2020

Survey from the Discernment Committee

This fall we began the process to find a new rector. Bill Queen held five interim sessions to hear your thoughts. Our average participation in those was around 75. Since everyone’s voice is important in this process, the Discernment Committee has launched a survey, and we want to hear from EVERYONE. The survey was mailed or emailed this week (depending on what address you have on file). 

Take the Survey now »

A few things to know:

  • If you participated in the interim sessions, we ask that you complete the survey also.
  • The survey is entirely confidential. It has about 50 questions, and we estimate it will take about 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • We will have print copies of the survey in the parish hall, or you may receive one by contacting Shelby Scattergood ( or 804.359.5628 ext.23) at the church. We are providing return envelopes (to Nick Sollog of the Discernment Committee) so that your input remains confidential. 


The Discernment Committee:  Chair Pem Hall, Julie Joyce, Meredith McGuire, Alison Martin, Marshall Morton, Nick Sollog, Kim Vullo, Fielding Williams, Harold Williams 

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