Update on the Strategic Plan

Update on the Strategic Plan

At its August meeting, the Vestry received updates on the implementation of the  Strategic Plan.  Great work is being undertaken.  The 20’s-30’s group has regular gatherings, are investigating a bible  study, and has a Facebook page to help with community building.  The group is closed so that personal sharing can happen.  If you are in your twenties or thirties and haven’t joined, please do so today.  Click here to join.

The Boomers and Better group has had over 50 responses to their survey.  The information is being analyzed and will be a big help with the development of new ministries.

he Spiritual Journey group is starting a mid-week, lunch time discussion group on the Psalms.  Watch for more information on this.

The Christian Education team has engaged a coach from Ministry Architects who is working currently with staff. The goal is to develop effective organization and  infrastructure for our formation ministries.  In the future, this effort will branch out beyond staff to include parents and volunteers in our programs.

The “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Team” has continued its work with the community exploratory group. Leadership for the group is provided by Beth Ahabah and GHTC, and there are representatives from a number of other churches.  Last Monday night the group decided to embrace the CIRCLES USA program.  Click here to go to our outreach page.  Scroll down to read about the effort.  You’ll also find a link with more detailed information about Circles.