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Grace & Holy Trinity Church is an architectural gem bordering Monroe Park.

We are in the heart of VCU and Richmond’s Fan Historic District. The Fan Area Historic Districtis a large late 19th and early 20th century residential neighborhood west of Richmond’s downtown commercial district. The district developed largely from c. 1890-1930, a period of general economic prosperity for the City of Richmond and one of gradual westward expansion from its commercial center into a vibrant, diverse intersection of VCU and Richmond’s Fan District.

The neighborhood is unquestionably one of the city’s greatest cultural and architectural assets. The Fan name comes from the fan shape of the array of streets that extend west from Belvidere Street on the eastern edge of Monroe Park, westward to the Boulevard.

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old ghtc  Here is an interesting article on the history of Monroe Park.  We are featured in the 8th postcard!