b'Red Door MinistryThe Red Door began as a soup kitchen in the 80s. Establishedtofeedhomelesspeoplelivingin Monroe Park, it has evolved. Volunteers from the parish join with VCU students to prepare lunch every Friday. In the rain, snow, heat, or cold, anyone whoneedsamealreceivesasandwich,fruit, and a snack, packaged in Ziploc bags since the pandemic began in 2020. Approximately 90 meals aredistributedeachweek.Seasonalclothing andshoesareavailabletoguests.Prescription reimbursement for blood pressure and other medications help address chronic health issues. Red Door offers hospitality, healing and wholeness to people in need as both the body and spirit are refreshed. To volunteer, call the church or visit ghtc.org/reddoorRed Door is collecting cold weather clothing (hats, scarves, gloves, coats and socks). Contact the church to donate. Legacy GiftsLegacy gifts allow you to show your love of the church after your death. Planned gifts include naming the church a beneficiary of atax-deferredretirementaccountorlife insurance policy. Perhaps you created a trust in your estate plansdid you leave a gift to God? When COVID-19 forced churches, schoolsandbusinessestolockdownfor months, GHTC proved a good steward of legacygifts.Balancedinvestmentsand prudentfinancialmanagementkeptthe buildingsafewhileministriescontinued. Weevenhiredanewrector!Today GraceandHolyTrinityremainsstrong. Repurposedspaceforgrowingfamilies is brighter because of past commitments. New energy pulses through the building as groups gather to grow in Christ. Contact Barb Dodd or Duane Nettles to learn more about establishing your legacy.Grace and Holy-WeenContributors: Barb Dodd, Tyler Brady, Andrew Peacock, Ann Gray10'