b'What followed was ten years of service and training in a Methodist church. The formalism of the liturgical service was foreign to him at first, but a first-rate mentor, as he puts it, walked him into the great Christian Tradition, answering all his questions, and encouraging him to find his own way. So why the Episcopal church? In our liturgy and history, he found his scaffolding. His faith is in his bones, and his own history reveals his commitment to becoming more like Christ. It is rare in a relatively young person to see such a fine balance between unshakeable faith and true humility. He understands that we learn to embody what we say we believe only in supportive groups, leading each other to the destination.About choosing Kyle to be minister for youth and adult formation, Duane Nettles says, He is passionate about youth formation. He listens, and is committed to building programs based on the participants, instead of the other way around. And he is a joyful person, and wants to continue with formation as his lifes work. Kyle, his wife Caitlin, and their three children came home to Virginia by design.About beginning in service here, Kyle says, I hope to continue to work with youth and adults around formation, which is my hearts passion. To teach, and to equip others in the church to ask the questions that help us grow in our faith is what I feel made to do.Pawson Home Youth GatheringYouth Confirmation Retreat DatesJanuary 23 | Febuary 12 | March 19-20 (potential overnight) | April 10 | May 22This spring we will be preparing for our Bishops visit on June 5 by offering a series of confirmation retreats. Instead of the typical Sunday morning classes, these day long retreats will offer dynamic and exciting ways to engage with what it means to be a Christian, an Episcopalian and a member of Grace and Holy Trinity.We are offering confirmation for 12 years or older.For more information please contact Kyle Bomar for youth and our Rector, The Rev. Duane Nettles, for adults interested in confirmation.Current Adult Formation GroupsArt & Faith with Kathleen Thomas | Spirited Sisters with Cathy Saunders | Wednesday Night Group with Mary Ann Blankenship and Beth McClelland | The Foyer Group with Lu Treadwell | Spirited Sisters Book Club with Judy Carlson | Sunday Lectionary Group with Jack Sutor7'