b'UpstairsNoTransformation Youre way.crazy. It cant Thosewereonlyafewofthephrasesheardby Duane Nettles as he embarked upon an aggressivebe done.campaign to renovate the second floor of the church before kickoff of the fall formation year on Sept. 12. Anexperiencedprojectmanager,thenewRector proceeded to work with the Vestry and Endowment Trustees to obtain funding for overdue painting, outdated electrical and other updates. Creative Contracting came in for three weeks with multiple crews during the hot August days. Trash cans and dumpsters overflowed as stained ceiling tiles and fluorescent lights were ripped out and replaced. Space was reimagined and repurposed as the nursery transformed into the youth room. Godly Play moved into a bright sunny space formerly used by campus ministry. Broken cribs and toys were tossed while a new focus on our youngest parishioners brought new energy and excitement upstairs. Now theres an entire area upstairs devoted to children and youth. The nursery is staffed every Sunday beginning at 7:45 a.m. for busy parents while they worship. The sounds of a childrens choir fill the air on Sunday mornings as little ones make joyful noise. Youth are learning to connect with each other and their faith while gathering outside the church for friendship, games and food. Rebuilding takes time, energy, and vision. The children and grandchildren of Grace and Holy Trinity are tomorrows leaderscome and see.In total, $250,000 was invested in children and youth by the Vestry, Endowment Trustees, and people of Grace and Holy Trinity.Before. . and After4'