b'al e n t e nl e c t i od i v i n a (Wed nesday s)The Wednesday Night Zoom meeting is open to all that want to join. For Lent the group will do personal reflections on the Gospel reading for the upcoming Sunday. No preparation will be necessary. The group meets by Zoom for one hour on Wednesdays from 7:00pm8:00pm. The session will start March 9 and go through April 13.Contacts: Beth McClelland - esmc1234@aol.com or Mary Ann Blankenship - mablankenship625@gmail.comc o n t e M p l at i v ec o M p l i n e (Wednesday s)Join Kyle Bomar and a group of friends from the church for a quiet and prayerful service of Compline at 8:00pm. Each week the Zoom doors will open for a chance to chat and settle in. At 8:15pm we will prayerfully enter into silence followed by praying Compline together. The whole time will wrap up around 9:00pm and offer a peaceful way to end the night praying for each other, the church and the world. The group will meet Wednesdays, March 2 through April 13.Contact: Kyle Bomar - kbomar@ghtc.orgeducationy o u t hM i n i S t ry c h i l d r e nS M i n i S t ryComejoinourgrowingyouthministryatGHTCOnSundays,childrenhaveseveralopportunitiesfor where we are focused on connecting with young peopleworship and fellowship:in meaningful ways through worship, service, buildingChildrens Choir: Meets from 9:30am - 10:00am each communityandeducation.BelowaresomeoftheSunday.Herechildrenlearnbasicmusictheoryand programs we offer. learnmusictosharewiththeparishthroughoutthe Youth Group: On Sunday mornings we gather in theyear.youth space in the education wing from 9:30am-10:15amGodly Play: Follows Childrens Choir, where children for games, fellowship, and a prayerful reflection on thein Pre-K through second grade meet at 10:15am. This scriptures.Montessori-style curriculum supports the community Confirmation:Wearecurrentlyholdingmonthlyof children as they learn the stories of our faith and retreatsforyouthandadultstoexplorethebasicsofwondertogether.Childreninthisclassrejointheir what it means to be a Christian, an Episcopalian, and aparents during church at the offertory.member of GHTC. Our upcoming retreats are on MarchClub345:Meetsforchildreninthirdthroughfifth 19, April 10, and May 22, leading up to our visit with thegrades from 9:30am - 10:10am. This group offers older Bishop on June 5. children a way to dive deeper into the stories introduced Contact: Kyle Bomar - kbomar@ghtc.org in Godly Play with a group of their peers.Contact: Kate Given - kgiven@ghtc.orgLENT & HOLY WEEK 2022 | 5'