b'M I N U T E S - A N N UA L PA R I S H M E E T I N G February 21, 2021Via Zoom Conference CallWelcome and Call to OrderAt 11:02 a.m., the Rev. Duane Nettles called the meeting to order.a plurality of the vote received numerous simultaneous seconds and After a brief welcome, meeting participants engaged in a test of thepassed with all in favor, none opposed.online voting system.David Hetherington announced the slate of candidates.There were Opening Prayer no nominations from the floor.Voting then proceeded online and The Rev. Kimberly Reinholz led the parish in prayer. over the telephone.Appointment of Meeting Register Musical IntermissionDavid Lewis was appointed register for the Annual Meeting. Dr. Elizabeth Melcher Davis played the organ with all her customary skill while voting proceeded. Associate Rectors RemarksThe Rev. Kimberly Reinholz offered a reflection on pastoral life inEndowment Fund Reportthe parish amidst a challenging year.She thanked all the volunteersNelson D. Lankford presented the Endowment Fund Report on who helped put together the liturgy each week, nourished 4,000behalf of the Endowment Funds trustees.After a brief historical souls through Red Door, and manifested the love of God aroundintroduction, he summarized the endowments current funds. The us.She challenged the parish to continue to love our neighbors asendowment contributed $20,000 in scholarships and $366,000 in ourselves in the coming year. program assistance last year.For 2021, the endowment has pledged $392,000 to church programs and at least $20,000 in scholarships. Rectors RemarksThe Rev. Duane Nettles compared the parish to a live oak, a treeFinance Committee Reportwhose strength increases in adversity.He noted the challenges ofAs Chairman of the Finance Committee, Mike Joyce presented the the past year, pointed to changing Diocesan guidelines that couldFinancial Report for 2020.He noted that although last years budget speed our return to in-person worship, and presented results of theforecasted a deficit of $18,522, the recorded deficit was $994.The recent parish survey.As the parish moves into the next year, he said,Vestry approved a preliminary deficit budget of $54,435 for 2021 we should strive to have a greater impact on the world and live fullyin January. into our name.We should reflect the grace of God as reconcilers, both one-to-another and to Christ.God is not solitary but three- Even though transitions often result in a temporary decline in in-one, a holy community.We, too, should be a holy community,pledges, the Finance Committee and the Vestry are confident that marked by Gods Grace and Holy Trinity. the congregations ongoing generosity and the parishs long-term financial stability mean that Grace and Holy Trinity Church will Senior Wardens Remarks successfully navigate this period of transition and return to surplus In pre-recorded remarks, Thomas Ewers noted that over the pastfinancial results in the near future.year, we have discovered what the church means to us.He thanked the Rev. Bill Queen whose work, though often unseen, resulted inAnnouncement of Election Resultssubstantial improvements.David Hetherington announced the election results.The six persons elected to the vestry were Mary Ann Blankenship, Brad Davenport, The Senior Warden noted that challenging work had created a bondMichael (Mike) Hale, Teresa (Terry) Hathaway, Clay Hilbert, and at Grace and Holy Trinity.He thanked the clergy and staff, whoDavid Lewis.worked morenot lessamidst the pandemic.He thanked the Discernment Committee, whose search for a new Rector concludedClosing Prayerwith an excellent candidate.He thanked outgoing Vestry membersAt 11: 47 a.m., the Rev. Duane Nettles led the congregation in a for three years of diligent service.Finally, he asked the parish toclosing prayer for the life of the parish.consider prayerfully which of the seven candidates should be elected to the Vestry. AdjournmentAt 11:49 a.m., the 2021 Annual Meeting of Grace and Holy Trinity Election of Vestry Candidates Episcopal Church was adjourned.Numerous parishioners remained At 11:25 a.m., David Hetherington, the elections officer, confirmedon the conference call for the question-and-answer session, which a quorum.A motion by Barbara Derry to elect six candidates byended at 12:12 p.m.Submitted by David Lewis, Clerk - dtlewis@hotmail.comANNUAL REPORT | 13'