b'communityF OY E R G RO U PS P I R I T E D S I S T E R SThese informal groups bring together a cross-section of churchB O O K C LU B members for dinner and fellowship every four to six weeks. A Restaurant Hop group meets monthly in local restaurants. The Spirited Sisters Book Club evolved out of the Spirited Sisters meetings. Beginning in 2021, the club began meeting monthly, first Contact: Lu Treadwelllusalado3@gmail.com via Zoom and then in homes.The group makes its own choices about the books they read, and have included James Baldwins Go Tell it on the Mountain, Edith Whartons The Custom of the Country, S.A. H O LY S T RO L L E R S Cosbys Blacktop Wasteland and Rachel Kadishs The Weight of Ink. The group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. The Holy Strollers group aims to connect parishioners, in a setting outside of church, by exploring the history and beauty of theContacts: Mary Ann BlankenshipRichmond area on foot. The groups first walk was in May, andmablankenship625@gmail.comtook us through Oregon Hill to Hollywood Cemetery. Judy Carlsonjudithmcarlson@gmail.comThe group also has ventured to the Potterfield Bridge, to the site of the original Grace Church, to the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site, and along Monument Avenue. About five to eightS U N D AY B R E A K FA S Tpeople take part each time. Walkers of all ages are welcome.October returned to us a nouriShing Sunday morning practice: Contact: Susan Hankinssbhankins@gmail.com breakfast. The breakfast crew, inexpert and boisterous, gathered again to provide its undeviating menu of eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, grits, baked apples and biscuits to parishioners going S P I R I T E D S I S T E R Sabout their Sunday morning activities. For many, sharing break-fast with fellow parishioners is a component of spiritual journey, The Spirited Sisters get together at 5:30 on the second Monday ofand the menu items afford quick calories to those who may have each month for conversation and fellowship, and has been doingjourneyed more than anticipated or to those who want to journey so every month since March of 2017. The group usually meets atmore aggressively. We begin at 9:00 a.m. and serve until 10:00 a restaurant convenient to the members, and enjoys a Dutch treata.m., but are paused at present. We expect to continue as soon as meal and beverage.There are twenty people on our mailing list, andthe health protocols permit. attendance usually varies from a half dozen to more than a dozen people. During the pandemic, the group hosted some meetingsContact: David Hetheringtond_hetherington@yahoo.comvia Zoom, and plans to continue meeting, in person or virtually, through the coming year.Contact: Cathy Saunderscathy.saunders@longandfoster.comENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPSThe Endowment Fund makes funds available annually to the Scholarship Committee which provides assistance for members of the Church for college, graduate school, and independent school tuition. In 2021 the committee received two applications for aid, both of which were funded, for a total of $6,000. Grants are need-based. The Committee also considers factors such as church attendance and active participation in church programs.Contact: Barbara Derrybtderry@gmail.com8 | ANNUAL REPORT'