b'educationCHILDREN & YOUNG FAMILIESLook to God, and be radiant! This idea from Psalm 34:5 has been 2021s guiding principle in Childrens Ministry. Our beautiful new spaces sparkle in the natural light that filters in through their windows. The smallest children enjoy the loving and thoughtful care of experienced nursery staff in aYOUTHnewly designed Montessori-inspired nursery. The medium children gather weekly, first in the childrens choir to make a joyful noise, and then in the new Godly Playroom, whereThis year has been a season they learn stories of faith and wonder in the community. We owe a debt of gratitude toof revival around youth and Caroline Abbey, Jennie Card, AnnMarie and Emily Illicete, Shinji Oh, and Anne Penrod,childrens ministry at Grace the volunteers who help us with the nursery and Godly Play. and Holy Trinity. In the lastsix months, weve solidified our In 2021, Children and Youth Sundays were introduced. In any month that has a 5thformation efforts on strong and Sunday, the children lead the parish in worship on that day. In 2022, we look forwardmeaningful programming for youth to several such joyful occasions. The highlight of 2021s Childrens Ministry was thein the 6th grade and up. Weve Christmas Pageant on Christmas Eve. More than twenty-four children and thirteenfocused on Sunday morning worship, families came together, creating art to help us welcome the mystery of Christmas.where young people can also serve as In the coming year, we look forward to deepening our community of childrenacolytes, and offered monthly events through these and other traditions. partnering with their families in the church. These events have been great Contact: Kate Givenkgiven@ghtc.org opportunities to get our families and young people connected and the momentum has been tangible. Weve also partnered mindfully with Kate Given to make sure our efforts work together and complement each other. We began each aspect of our programming by reaching out to families with youth to build whatever we offer around their lives, accommodating their busy schedules, and incorporating their hopes for the future. These initial efforts have encouraged us tobe optimistic about the coming year.Contact: Kyle Bomarkbomar@ghtc.org6 | ANNUAL REPORT'