Grace and Holy Trinity Church has an active and enthusiastic Youth Group for middle and high school students. We encourage their participation in summer youth retreat programs at Shrine Mont.


Candidates for confirmation, usually eighth and ninth graders, study together to strengthen one another’s faith and commitment to God. A rite of re-affirmation of one’s baptismal vows, confirmation can occur at any age and usually happens in the spring.

The church also receives those confirmed in other faith traditions, recognizing that lives and beliefs change over time. For more information, contact Duane Nettles.

Pending COVID Restrictions

Until the City of Richmond and the surrounding counties are below 25 new COVID cases per 100,000, we will maintain a few adjustments to our Sunday activities. 9:30 a.m. Children’s Choir will use instruments and learn how to read music without singing. Breakfast and Coffee Hour are on pause. All other Sunday morning education opportunities for children, youth, and adults will continue with masking. For children and youth, we are following practices from our diocese and local schools.