About the Church


Personal, spiritual growth. A caring community. Finding friends. Serving others. Grace & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church offers all this and more. There is a place for you here.

As Christians, we are called to bear witness to the good news of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are empowered for this witness through our covenantal relationship with God. Baptism initiates us into that covenant, marking us as Christ’s own forever and making us members of Christ’s Body, the Church. The Eucharist sustains and strengthens us to be Christ’s witnesses in the world.  In that spirit, we invite everyone to share with us in Christian witness.

We see people, not labels or places of origin. You will be welcomed. You will find fellowship. You will be inspired by beautiful worship, uplifting music, and the Word of God expressed through scripture and in sermons. You will find opportunities to improve our world.

Our Mission and Vision

At Grace & Holy Trinity Church our mission is to be an inclusive, spirited, and Christ-centered urban church community that transforms lives.

Our vision is that every member will joyfully celebrate God’s love and share the transforming power of that love in the church, in the city, and in the world.

We seek to make this mission a reality through a variety of ministries open to all – visitors, newcomers, longtime members.

Our staff champions for these focus areas are:

Grace and Holy Trinity Church logo

The Grace & Holy Trinity Church logo

The Grace & Holy Trinity symbol was designed by parishioner Richard Hankins, Sr. The trefoil represents the Holy Trinity and the anchor represents our firm hope in God. The Greek letter “Chi” (which looks similar to the English letter “X”) is the first letter of the Greek word, Χριστός (“Christos” which translates the Hebrew word, Messiah, “Anointed One”). The letter “Chi” thus signifies Christ Jesus from whose fullness we have all received “grace upon grace”. Also, the Greek word for “grace” is χαρις (Charis) which begins with the letter “Chi”.