Grace & Holy Trinity Church members can volunteer for service to the community through activities and programs such as the Missionary Society, Red Door Ministry, Campus Ministry, Circles RVA, Prayer Shawls Ministry, and Micah-Faith Communities Partnership with Richmond Public School.

More information can be found in the short descriptions below or through the Mission drop-down menu options. To learn more, or to offer to help, please contact us!

Prayer Shawls

The Prayer Shawl Ministry began early in 2003, when a group of women began meeting once a month at various homes to knit. Each shawl is wrapped in tissue paper and put into a bag that is printed with the GHTC logo. One of three printed cards goes into each bag; one with a prayer for the bereaved, one for healing, and one for comfort. The shawls are given to anyone who asks, whether or not they are church members. Since we began, 265 shawls have been made and given away. We stopped meeting when COVID-19 intervened, and now that we can safely meet again, we encourage interested knitters to join us.  We invite anyone who would like to knit prayer shawls or wool mittens for our Red Door guests to contact Betsy Featherstone.

Micah – Faith Communities in Partnership with Richmond Public Schools

Join volunteers from other faith communities in Richmond to provide services to students, teachers, and staff of Richmond Public Schools. In addition to Front Office help and classroom assistance, volunteers have opportunities to serve as lunch buddies, tutors, and mentors. Volunteers assist with both short and long-term projects such as Career Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Back to School Drives. Contact Chuck Bleick for information about this ministry.

New Service Ministries

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