Our Community

Episcopal Campus Ministry at VCU


What do we do in Episcopal Campus Ministry at VCU?

We celebrate the Eucharist together weekly when VCU is in session.  The service begins at 5:00 p.m.  Worship is lead by Abbey Stinnet, Jake Adams and our awesome student musicians as well as the clergy of Grace and Holy Trinity Church.  We use the Book of Common Prayer as the basis of our worship as an Episcopal Community of faith.  A home-cooked dinner is offered at 6:00 p.m. and all are welcome to stay! If you’d like to learn more about the worship please contact Jordan Cooke.


We eat together a lot.  We have weekly meals on Wednesday evening which are prepared by members of our small group of college age students.  We have had pot luck dinners, as well as intricate international feasts, and we love a good bbq or pasta night. Join us and if you are interested in cooking contact Jordan Cooke at ecm@ghtc.org

Travel: Trips and Outtings

On the Second Saturday of each month we will go on a Sabbath hike.  Leave your cell phones in your dorms, and unplug for a few hours, we will hike in and around Richmond and connect with one another and with God.  For more information contact any of our Campus Ministers for more information at ecm@ghtc.org

We have a fall retreat at Shrine Mont in October with the Parish of Grace and Holy Trinity Church.  If you are interested in a weekend in the mountains please contact Dora Cottrol at ecm@ghtc.org for more information.  We provide this at a highly subsidized rate of $50.00 per student, which covers room, board and transportation on the Parish Bus.

In the Spring we travel to Belize for a mission trip over the VCU spring break.  We do eye and dental screenings as well as a works project designed to help the community of Benque Viejo in Belize where we have had an on going relationship for the past 8 years.  If you are interested in attending this trip registration will open in November of 2016- watch here for more information in the coming months.

Meet Our Campus Ministers


Dora Cottrol – Campus Minister for Worship : Dora is our student leader in charge of worship planning and music.  She is responsible for finding readers and liturgical ministers for the Port of Grace 5:00 p.m. service.  She works closely with Abigail Stinnet our worship leader and plays with the Port of Grace music team.





Emily Bennet- Campus Minister for Outreach: Emily is our campus minister responsible for making our life and ministry known beyond Laurel Street.  She works with others in student leadership to spread the word about our events at VCU, in the Fan and beyond.





Jordan Cooke- Campus Minister for Hospitality:  Jordan is our campus minister who keeps us all fed.  She is responsible for the Pick-me-Up Cooking ministry as well as coordinating Wednesday night fellowship meals.  Jordan also works with the Red Door Ministry Soup kitchen helping to coordinate volunteers and the Feed my Rams ministry which makes sure all our Port of Grace services end with a good home cooked meal provided by generous members of the Grace and Holy Trinity Church family.



Our Chaplain, the Rev. Kim Reinholz will be on maternity leave in the fall of 2016.  Her second child is due on August 22.  If she is not here when you get here 12045485_1101942129816140_2842257323106795770_ocontact any of the Campus Ministers: Emily Bennet, Dora Cottrol, or Jordan Cooke at ecm@ghtc.org and they will be happy to help you.  There will be a clergy person available for all services during Kim’s maternity leave.  Don’t worry – she’ll be back by Thanksgiving, and our campus ministers Emily Dora, and Jordan will take good care of you.  If you need help from a clergy person please contct the church office at 804-359-5628, and you’ll be put in touch with the clergy person on call.

Join us!  Visit our Facebook page  to learn about all our activities and schedule.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Our Friday Red Door Ministries are a Soup Kitchen, clothes closet, and worship.  If you’re interested in helping, contact the Rev. Kim Reinholz.

 Thank You from George Thomas

George Thomas has been a Campus Ministry student here for 8 ½ years, first as a VCU undergraduate then throughout medical school. As he leaves Richmond to begin his residency training at the University of Maryland, he publicly thanked this congregation for their support throughout his student years.  You’ll love watching this video of his testimonial to the generosity of this congregation and our Campus Ministry program.  George spoke to the congregation on Sunday, April 24 at the 11:00 a.m. Classic service.

cm1 Spring Mission Trip to Belize

The work centered around dental and eye clinics, education, and construction.  We opened a new relationship in Belize  with Christ the King Anglican School, where they were involved in construction  projects to improve the school and  education programs and worship with the children and faculty of the school.