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The Vestry of Grace and Holy Trinity Church

About the Vestry

The Vestry is an elected body that sets the course for mission and conducts the business of the congregation. Vestry members are elected for three-year terms and cannot immediately stand for reelection. New Vestry members are elected each year at the Annual Meeting. The outgoing Vestry class serves as a nominating committee which solicits recommendations from all members of the congregation and proposes a slate of candidates.

The Vestry meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month and gathers once a year for an all-day retreat. The Vestry is also tasked with conducting the Annual Pledge Drive each year.

Minutes of Vestry meetings are kept at the Church. If you would like an electronic copy, please contact the church.

The officers of the Church for 2023-24 are: David Lewis, Senior Warden; Meredith McGuire, Junior Warden; Mary Ann Blankenship, Clerk; and Mike Joyce, Treasurer.

Vestry Terms

Class of 2024
Class of 2025


Class of 2026

Vestry Qualifications and Expectations

To be nominated to serve on the Vestry, a candidate must be a confirmed adult communicant in good standing of Grace and Holy Trinity Church. This means he or she must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Be baptized or received and confirmed in the Episcopal Church
  • Have received Holy Communion in an Episcopal church at least three times in the preceding year
  • Have, for the previous year, been faithful in corporate worship, unless for good cause prevented
  • Have been faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God

These requirements are set out in Title I Canon 17 sections 1-3 of the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States and amplified by Canon 11 section 5 of the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia.

In addition to these canonical requirements, Grace and Holy Trinity expects candidates to have exercised strong leadership in one or more areas of parish life and to have made and paid a personally meaningful and strong financial pledge to the general operating budget of the church for at least the year prior to the election.

Being a Vestry member is a serious commitment of time and talent. Vestry members are expected to attend monthly meetings (currently the third Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m.), any specially called meetings, and an all-day annual retreat. In addition, members are expected to support the programs of the church through participation and pledging to the general operating budget of the church. Duties of Vestry members include active involvement in conducting the Annual Pledge Drive.

2023 Wardens

David Lewis

David Lewis, Senior Warden

David Lewis

Meredith Mcguire, Junior Warden