About Grace & Holy Trinity Church

Church Vestry

The Vestry is a 15-member body elected by the parish at its annual meeting. The Vestry meets once a month and each Vestry member is responsible for working with one of the new goals of our Strategic Plan. There are also committees, such as the Finance Committee convened by Mike Joyce, which assist the work of the Vestry. Bill Shumadine serves as Treasurer.

The officers of the Vestry for 2018 are:  Andrew Peacock, Senior Warden; Darrell Alexander, Junior Warder; Chuck Bleick, Register.

Vestry members are elected for three-year terms. Together with the clergy, staff and all the members of the parish, the Vestry is responsible for leading the church into faithful discipleship in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Read more about Vestry duties and expectations.  Follow this link to read Bylaws Concerning the Conduct of Vestry Meetings.

Follow this link to learn more about those elected to the Vestry Class of 2021.

Vestry Terms

Class of 2019

Charles Bleick

Marcia Miller Hailey

Mary Lindert

Andrew Peacock



Class of 2020

Darrell Alexander

Debra Cole

Cornelia (Neely) Dykshorn

Elizabeth (Betsy) Featherstone

Roland (Woody) Woodward


Class of 2021

Lisa Dawson

Thomas H. Ewers

David Hetherington

Bill Perkins

Rosalie West

Lara Wulff

 Strategic Plan

Our new strategic plan was adopted in December 2015. Read more. Vestry and staff liaisons to the components of the plan are:

Spiritual Journey:  Betsy Featherstone. Boomer’s and Better: Andrew Peacock, Chuck Bleick, Woody Woodward.  Staff: Beth Melcher Davis.

Children and Teens:  Neely Dykshorn, Darrell Alexander.  Staff: Paul Evans and Aaron Davis

Campus Ministry: Debra Cole, Marcia Miller Hailey.  Staff:  The Rev. Kim Reinholz

20’s and 30’s:  Staff: The Rev. Bo Millner

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Mary Lindert.  Staff: The Rev. Bo Millner, assisted by the Rev. Kim Reinholz.

2018 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Congregational Meeting, which included Vestry elections, was held on February 4.

The Annual Convention of the Diocese of Virginia is held in the fall of each year.   In addition to the clergy, your delegates (which are elected by the Vestry) are Nancy Trego and Sara Jo Williams.