About Grace & Holy Trinity Church

History of Grace & Holy Trinity Church

In 1858, at the corner of Foushee and Main Streets in the “near west end,” Grace Church was planted. In 1874, Holy Trinity Church was planted a bit farther west, just across from Monroe Park, in what was then the “far west end.” Holy Trinity (originally called Moore Memorial Chapel) was established as a memorial to Bishop Richard Channing Moore. He was responsible for the revitalization of the Episcopal Church in Virginia in the 19th century.

In 1924, Grace Church and Holy Trinity merged to form Grace & Holy Trinity Church. Since that time, Richmond has grown to become a large metropolitan area and Grace & Holy Trinity Church finds itself in the heart of the city. We enjoy the challenges and opportunities that this strategic location offers.

A strong music ministry and an abiding commitment to service and outreach have long been hallmarks of our church. The church unites people from all across the metropolitan area as they come for worship and education each Sunday, as they enjoy each other’s company over a hot breakfast, and as they work together in a variety of ministries throughout the week.

Art and Architecture

Visit our YouTube Channel to see an interview with Rieman McNamara one of our long-standing members.  In it he talks about our history and his growing up at GHTC.  There are wonderful stories on being a child here, the first group of acolytes, Sunday school train trips and much more.  Chapters are marked on the video and you can watch as much as you like.  Enjoy!

Save your people, O Lord, and bless your inheritance.
Joel 2:17