Red Door Ministry: Hospitality, Health and Healing

Since the early 1980s Grace and Holy Trinity Church has been serving the hungry and homeless around Richmond. Started by the women of the congregation as a soup kitchen, the ministry has expanded to one of healing, hospitality and wholeness. The Red Door strives to care for the whole person in body, mind and spirit.

All volunteers are wearing masks and practicing social distancing. We currently feed around 100 individuals every Friday at lunch; our dining room is currently closed, and we are providing Meals to Go between noon and 1:00 p.m.

How can I help?

To volunteer on Fridays, please contact Amber Weaver, volunteer coordinator

Currently we only have space for 10 volunteers per week, 18 and over. If you or your child need community service hours, please reach out to Mo. Kim to discuss potential service projects.

Assembling seasonal bags at your home is something that you can do to help. In the Spring/Summer we include: bug spray, sunscreen, band aids, antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin, aspirin and aloe in our Bishop Bags. In the Fall/Winter we include: lip balm, batteries, hand warmers, cough drops/vitamin C drops, tissues, band aids, and antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin. If you are in RVA we can arrange a pick up time; if you are outside of RVA you can mail them to the church directly.

What can I give?

For the season of Pentecost during worship the community of Grace and Holy Trinity Church is collecting sports drinks. These beverages provide electrolytes and much needed hydration to our community who are facing high temperatures during the Richmond summer. If you would like to make a donation of your favorite sports drink you can bring it to church on Sunday.

Financial donations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to Red Door Ministry you can click the give now link at the top of the web page. A gift of $10.00 will provide lunch for 5 people. You can donate items or make a financial contribution by clicking this Give Now link »

Bishop bags

In February 2017, John Bishop, our parishioner and friend from Red Door Ministry, died of a drug overdose. Before his passing, John had provided Red Door with a list of needed items rarely found in donation bags. These included common drug store items: small bandages, over-the-counter pain relievers, medicated foot powder, batteries (all sizes), candles, antibiotic ointment, and vitamin C drops. In memory of John, the Red Door Ministry now assembles bags of these items to keep on hand for those in need. These bags also include information about local open meetings for Al-Anon, AA and NA, to direct recipients to needed services. We distributed our first batch of “Bishop Bags” — named for John — in April 2017.

Shortly after we began this ministry, we received a letter from John’s mother. Here’s an excerpt:

“I can’t thank you and your ministry enough for starting the “Bishop Bags” project. Please let me know if there is anything you need.  John would be so proud and happy to have his name attached to such a caring and helpful venture.” ~ Mary Bishop

Please contact The Rev. Kim Reinholz to arrange your Bishop Bag donations.

I can’t thank you and your ministry enough for starting the “Bishop Bags” project. … John would be so proud and happy to have his name attached to such a caring and helpful venture.

Mary Bishop