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Red Door Ministry

Red Door Ministries: Hospitality, Health, and Healing

Our Red Door Ministries

We are known to many of our Friday guests as the “Red Door Church” hence the name for our Friday ministries.  They include our Friday meal, clothing closet, prescription assistance program, and a service of prayers and laying on of hands for healing.  Read below to learn more about these ministries.

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What We Do

We feed approximately 100 people per week.

We clothe individuals through our donation supplied clothing closet.

We provide prescription assistance through those who use the MCV pharmacy system and need assistance with copays.

We pray for and with those who are seeking healing for their bodies, souls, minds, and spirits.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that loving our neighbor is loving Jesus Christ.  We respect the dignity of every human being as we promised to do at our baptism.  This means we greet all who enter our spiritual home at Grace and Holy Trinity with a smile and open arms.  Whoever you are you are welcome at our Friday meal.

Now Hiring-  Kitchen Coordinator Job Description June 2018

How Can I Help? Volunteers Needed This Summer!

Volunteers are always appreciated.  We have three shifts of work available every Friday.  You can cook, serve, or clean up.  The cooking shift begins at 10:00 a.m. and includes setting tables, preparing the food, and getting ready for lunch service.  The serving shift begins at 12:30 p.m. and involves serving the meal to guests.  The clean-up shift begins at 2:00 p.m., and runs until the hall is swept, wiped down, dishes are done and bathrooms are straitened up.  We ask that kitchen volunteers be over the age of 16, but if you are younger we can find other jobs for you to do, with appropriate adult supervision.

Please sign up for shifts here:

We partnered with Hands on Greater Richmond to help coordinate our volunteer efforts. When you click on the links above you will be redirected to their website.

What if the shift I want is full?

You are welcome to drop in on any Friday and help with Hospitality.  Hospitality works like a host at a restaurant, you walk around the parish hall and greet guests ask if there is anything that they need and try to answer any questions that they may have.  For many of the folks who come to Red Door it is rare that people look them in the eye and ask how they are doing, this simple act, acknowledges the humanity of everyone in the room and goes a long way in making someone’s day better.  This aspect of our ministry is not for everyone, but it is rewarding if you are comfortable with sitting down and talking with folks who aren’t your friends yet.

You can be added to the wait list for Fridays as well and if someone cancels you will be notified through Hands on RVA.

What if I am not over the age of 16?

If you are not over the age of 16 please contact The Rev. Kimberly Reinholz directly- due to insurance concerns we cannot have children serve in the kitchen.  We will do our best to have children and youth participate in activities which are not in the kitchen itself.  The Rev. Kimberly Reinholz can be reached here.

 What can I do if I can’t come on Fridays?

If you cannot be here on Fridays you can make donations to our clothing closet or towards Bishop Bags.  We are always in need of seasonal clothing.  During the winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves, socks and boots are in high demand.  We mostly have larger male guests so these items are in high demand.

You can also collect items for Bishop Bags see below.

During the Harvest of 2018 we have partnered with Shalom Farms to recieve fresh organic produce weekly.  To join the “vegetable sorting” team on Thursday evenings please sign up here  The Rev. Kimberly Reinholz or another member of staff will contact you regarding what is needed weekly.

What if I need hours for Community Service either Court Appointed or for School?

If you are signing up for court mandated hours please contact The. Rev. Kimberly Reinholz after you register.  She will provide letters confirming your hours at your request with adequate notice of your need, letters usually take one week to complete, but can take up to 10 business days.

What if I am a group leader?

If you are volunteering as a large group each member of the group needs to sign up individually.  Please do not sign up as an individual and bring more than one guest with you (we consider guests those who help who are under the age of 16 so cannot sign up through Hands on RVA).  If you have questions about this please contact The. Rev. Kimberly Reinholz.

Who We Are

As Episcopalians when we are baptized we promise to respect the dignity of every human being. At Grace and Holy Trinity Church one way in which we keep this promise is by providing a ministry of Hospitality, Healing and Wholeness for those in need in Richmond and the Greater Richmond area.  This program provides a seasonal balanced meal weekly to about 90 individuals.  Most of our guests are homeless and housing insecure men, however we do have some women, and a few families who join us.  We consider this our home and invite volunteers and guests to join together in this common time.  This church is  a safe space and we hope to keep it this way.  We invite individuals to join us for a time of prayer and healing before our meal is served at 12:30 p.m., and our food service begins at 1:00 p.m. We partner with Hands on Greater Richmond for our volunteer needs as well as having a core number of members who are dedicated to this ministry from the Grace and Holy Trinity Church congregation.



Music at Red Door

In 2015 our interim director for Red Door Ministry Miles Hoge conducted a series of interviews with our guests, and learned that one of the most poignant aspects of living on the streets or in poverty is the silence.  So often those of us who have cars and spend times in offices and stores think of music as background noise, but for our guests who live on the streets the silence is deafening.  Miles enlisted local musicians to address this need and for nearly 2 years we have invited individuals to play during our meal.  Whatever your talent you are welcome to play on Friday. We’ve had Allison Steele from the Steele Family Band, a Bagpiper from Baptist Campus Ministry at VCU, Folk/Country pick up bands as well as Jazz groups play in the past.  If you are interested in playing on a Friday please sign up here.

Clothing Closet at Red Door

We offer a small seasonal clothing closet weekly (when our stock permits) for our guests.  All items are donated (clean, gently used seasonally appropriate items are always appreciated) and given freely to those in need.  This spring we are in need of men’s pants in all sizes especially. Our guests greatly appreciate the generosity of members of the Grace and Holy Trinity congregation as well as other local businesses and organizations who hold coat, clothing, and hygiene drives seasonally.

If you or someone you know would like to hold a clothing drive which would benefit Red Door Ministry’s Clothing Closet please consider holding and donating drives “off season”.   Around Thanksgiving and Christmas we receive a lot of offers, but we need items year round.   Some items which we are always in need of in our clothing closet are  found on our Amazon Wish List.

See some photos here.

Bishop Bags

In February 2017, our parishioner and friend from Red Door Ministry, John Bishop, died of a drug overdose.  Before his passing John had provided the Red Door Ministry with a list of items which folks who are living on the streets need that are often overlooked.  Items like : bandaids, over the counter pain relievers, medicated foot powder, batteries (all sizes), candles, antibiotic ointment, vitamin C drops, and more were on the list.  In memory of John the Red Door Ministry is hoping to begin to assemble bags of these items to keep on hand for those in need.  Also included in these bags will be information about local open meetings for Al-anon, AA and NA so that folks know where they can go to find help and support for themselves, friends or family if or when they need it.  We are calling these gifts “Bishop Bags” in remembrance of John.  If you would like to contribute any items for these bags please contact The Rev. Kim Reinholz to make arrangements.

We distributed our first round of Bishop Bags in April of 2017 and hope to make this a bi-monthly gift to our guests.  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

We recently received a letter from John’s mother in support of this ministry.  An excerpt is included below.

“ I can’t thank you and your ministry for starting the “Bishop Bags” project.  Please let me know if there is anything you need.  John would be so proud and happy to have his name attached to such a caring and helpful venture” ~ Mary Bishop